About our CBD / CBG

All of our CBD and CBG is derived from organically grown hemp. We only source from domestic hemp grows that are Non GMO, pesticide and insecticide free, confirmed by 3rd party laboratory analysis. It is important to only consume clean and pure pharmaceutical grade CBD and CBG products, because the presence of impurities drastically affects how much CBD and CBG your body is able to absorb.

All of our products are made from pharmaceutical grade, anhydrous 99%+ pure CBD and CBG. The raw materials and finished products are lab tested, and do not contain any pesticides, microbial growth, or residual solvents. All of our products are highly bio available which means that a larger portion of the CBD and CBG in our products is able to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Terpene Infusion

Many of our products are infused with a wide variety of strain derived terpenes, from hemp and botanical sources, greatly enhancing the smoothness, flavor and overall therapeutic effect.

Terpenes are common constituents of flavorings and fragrances. Terpenes are responsible for the aroma of different species of plants and flowers. Many of the terpinoids and flavinoids found in hemp flower and other natural flowers play a big role in boosting the therapeutic effect of CBD. Our products offer terpene infusion from 17+ various indica dominant, sativa dominant, and also hybrid strains. We also infuse 70+ hemp derived terpenes in our products, offering the highest terpene content available in the industry.



A golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is Φ, the golden ratio. The golden spiral is the fundamental geometry found everywhere in nature, from the arms of spiral galaxies to the winds of a hurricane. Even phyllotaxis patterns involving successive leaves and florets on many plants involve the golden ratio because it involves successive leaves or petals being separated by the golden angle in a spiral pattern.

All things in the universe are interconnected through the geometric pattern of the golden spiral. Another example in nature, the shell of a snail shows the pattern of the flow of a golden spiral in resonance. To give birth to the snail, the universe left the blueprint of the golden spiral. The greatest secret of nature, the golden spiral is the most binding of all mathematical relations; the key to the physics of the cosmos. Plato once said that continuous geometric proportion is the most profound cosmic bond. The golden spiral connects all things through one harmonic resonance.

There exists a very common geometry in the universe. From galaxies to the smallest particles of matter, everything is under effect of this geometry. All branches of science follow the rules of this geometry. This natural geometry exists everywhere. Where there is matter, there is geometry.
— Johannes Kepler