Lab Testing

At Yin Yang Infusions we use only the highest quality, purest organic CBD isolate, CBG isolate, hemp / botanically derived terpenes and full spectrum hemp distillate. All of our oils are refined to 90%+ purity, and free from of any solvents or impurities. We are able to accurately formulate all of our products based off of the lab testing conducted on the raw materials. To guarantee accuracy and honesty, we then lab test each batch of finished products; results of which can be found below. 

Isolate batch 420.3

Cartridges batch 420.1

Topical batch 420.1

2000mg drops batch 420.1

1000mg drops batch 420.1

500mg pet drops batch 420.1

350+MG cooling roll on batch 420.1

CBD Distillate:

CBG Isolate: