Terpene Enhanced CBD Shatter

Terpene Enhanced CBD Shatter


1 ounce (28 grams) - Terpene enhanced CBD shatter for dabbing or mixing with concentrates

90% CBD + 10% terpenes

Available with added exotic strain derived terpene profiles

17 strains available:

Sativa: Tangie, Super lemon haze, Strawberry cough, Mango cookies, Green crack, Sour jack

Hybrid: Xj-13, Gelato, Strawberry banana, Gorilla glue #4, Chem dawg, Hemp

Indica: Blueberry, Grape ape, Grandaddy purp, Purple Punch, Zkittlez

Prompt to select strain when product added to cart.

Lab test: http://www.verifycbd.com/report/3450z7303

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White label / custom label options are also available for this product

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